Bonneville Shoreline Trail – Ogden Utah – Mountain Bike Ride

So, I was out in the Salt Lake City/Ogden Utah area last week on business and I had a few hours one morning to get a ride in. I called around and found a rental mountain bike at Canyon Sports on Riverdale in Ogden. Very helpful folks and they even changed out the cleats on my mtb shoes because they didn’t have any eggbeater pedals and I didn’t bring mine. Anyway, I talked to a few of the locals and they had a quite few trail suggestions, but I settled on the Bonnevile Shoreline Trail, otherwise known as BST. I figured that since I would be alone and on an unfamiliar bike and a unfamiliar trail, it would be bast to ride an easier trail. The BST sounded like a a fairly flat easier trail which would be good for a lowlander like myself from Texas. Ogden isn’t at an extremely high altitude with a base in town of about 4500 feet, so I didn’t have a lot of trouble breathing.

I was found out that the BST isn’t like what it sounds like. I pictured a trail that maybe roughly followed the shoreline of the salt lake, meaning fast and flat. I found out the BST runs north and south along the mountains, called a bench, that are east of Ogden and Salt Lake City. The trails runs at about 500 to 1000 feet above the town along a bench cut that was made many years ago where the waterline of the salt lake used to meet the mountains. I was delighted with the discovery as the trail was not going to be boring at all. I found a trailhead just a few miles from downtown Ogden and rode the bike along a beautiful bike path called the Ogden River Parkway. The pavement ended and the singletrack started at Rainbow Gardens, a local nursery. I was delighted again as I started the gentle climb along swoppy single track. I was expecting the normal 3 or 4 mile grueling climb up jeep road that you normally see in the mountains. Instead I found nice gradual climbing up 100% singletrack, with some nice switchbacks. The first mile or two was mostly up, but nothing that required anything lower than the middle ring. I got up to the bench level and the trail opened up and became fast and flowed well. It looked like I was about 500 feet above town, maybe 750 max. As my speed picked up, I was having a blast. The views were great and there were several small waterfalls along the way. I stopped to take a picture at one of the overlooks. The temps were perfect, 55 degrees at start, 65 at end. The trail was well covered with canopy and few full sun exposed sections. I learned not to stop in the full sun areas as you can feel the sun burning you pretty quickly. I did about 15 miles out and back. I stopped to talk to a few locals that told me the trail runs over 100 miles north and south along the Wasatch mountains. All in all a great ride, and I cant wait to explore more miles there.

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