65 Mile Bicycle Ride In Texas Hill Country

Woke up early today to do my 65 mile loop through the Texas Hill Country just north of San Antonio, Texas. With our current heat wave  here in Texas, I wanted to get out and get my ride in before it got too hot. Starting out at 8am, the temps were already close to 80 degrees. Headed north up to Edge Falls, then to Kendalia and the general store where I picked up a bacon and egg taco and some water. Then I headed north on Crabtree Rd. Here is a photo from the top of a ridge, just before the big drop into the Little Blanco river valley.

The Little Blanco River is running pretty well and there were quite a few wet river crossing.

This one was particularly long and deep but I made it across without incident. I finished up my ride just after 12 noon and the temperature was 98 when I stopped.  Saturday was a hard fast ride of 45 miles and today was a 65 mile moderate pace ride. Tomorrow is a rest day. Do you enjoy long road rides?

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