Eating Healthy So I Can Ride My Bicycle Faster

I subscribe to the Paleo method of eating. I refrain from calling it a diet, because the word diet usually means calorie deprivation to most people. The Paleo method of eating is definitely not calorie deprivation. Although I do believe that lowering your overall calorie intake is important if you want to lose weight, most people don’t succeed at this method because they lower their calories by too much expecting to lose weight too fast, and ultimately fail in frustration. No, the Paleo method does not require calorie deprivation, the Paleo method is pretty simple. It says that you should eat what your body was originally designed to eat. In other words, you eat like the caveman used to eat, or at least as close as possible with today’s super over-processed food products. I wont go into great detail on the subject here, as there are plenty of great resources out there on the subject; just Google the phrase “paleo diet” and you can learn all about it. I have also included a link below that is a great Paleo resource. The basics of the method say to eat meat, fruit and vegetables and not much else. You can eat as much and as often as you want, but just limit your intake to those three categories. I have been eating this way for about a year, have lost weight, and  feel great. One of the many benefits of the eating method is that it controls your blood sugar throughout the day so that you don’t have the constant sugar induced roller coaster ride that folks have. This constant method of eating allows me to ride my bicycle without having to carbo load prior to the ride or race. Meat includes beef, buffalo, poultry including eggs, pork and seafood. All fruits and vegetables are included as well as nuts. Less processed of these foods are preferred over processed. No completely processed foods are included nor is any dairy. It is not for everyone, but if you want to lose weight without being hungry it will certainly work. This mornings breakfast was eggs with sausage and spinach on toasted fochacia bread made with flaxseed meal. It was yummy and 100% Paleo.

What eating methods do you subscribe to? Is it working for you?

Great Paleo Resource

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