Kuat NV 2-Bike Tray Hitch Rack Review

Well I must say that when the Kuat rep walked into my store over year ago to show me the all new Kuat 2 bike hitch with built in workstand I was pretty excited about it. I told my friends and racing buddies to hold off on rack buying decisions as this rack was supposed to be out soon. Well a month turned out to be 3 months, then 3 months turned into 6 months and 6 months turned into over a year later when the rack finally became available at my main distributor. I am currently using the Yakima HoldUp and am pretty happy with it, but I was looking for a lighter weight rack as the Yakima hurts my back when I fold it up. The photo below is the Yakima HoldUp

Why do bike racks have to be so heavy. Bikes only weight 20 pounds and some of them substantially less. So why do bike racks seem so overbuilt. I was excited about the Kuat rack as it looked very lightweight in the pictures, of course there was no real weight information available early on.  One of my best racing buddies and cornerstone of our Team Sage Cycles Racing Team, Timmy was the first one to buy the new Kuat NV. Right out of the box I noticed how much bigger and heavier it was than the way it looked in the pictures. Oh well probably not for me if it is going to be harder to lift up than the Yakima Hold Up. Anyway, Timmy unboxed the unit and the first problem that he discovered was that the keys were missing for the cable locks. The box looked like it had taken a beating in shipping and apparently the keys fell out. Note to Kuat; pack your racks better, as they will get hammered during shipping on a regular basis. The next problem occurred when Timmy tried to cinch down the rack into the receiver hitch by tightening the pinch lever that is supposed to keep the rack from rattling in the receiver hitch. It is wedge type cinch down mechanism similar to a quill stem. Well as soon as he started to get it a little tight, it broke. the handle mechanism just snapped right off. Note to Kuat; did anyone at Kuat actually install and test this rack? Timmy had Kuat send him a new mechanism and a new set of keys. The next problem with this rack was the last straw. Me and Timmy were all set up to meet up with a fast shop ride last Satuday. I rode from my house and met Timmy at the the Bullis Park staging area. Timmy arrives in time to get dressed and catch the ride as it comes up Blanco road. You must be ready when the peleton comes into sight or else you will be riding by yourself for the rest of the day. Timmy jumps out of his truck and get the keys to unlock his bike from the Kuat rack, and discovers that the lock is jammed and will not budge. We nervously keep an eye down the road for the peleton as Timmy tries in desperation to get the key to turn and eventually, you guessed it, the key breaks off in the lock. Oh boy, we anticipated this ride all week. It is the hardest fastest group ride in the area and is always great training, and here we are stuck here all ready to ride with Timmys bike locked to the rack and the lock is broken. Timmy gets out his bicycle mini tool and starts to saw away at the cable trying to free his bike.  He is not making any progress against the cable but finally the cable just pops out out of the lock head like nothing?? Boy, I am glad I wasn’t trusting this lock to protect my $10,000 bike from getting stolen. The cable literally just separated from the lock head with Timmy just using his bare hands. Anyway we barely made the ride, but I felt it was good idea to post our experience with this rack. And yes, I do carry Kuat racks, but I am recommending to wait until version 2.0 or just get the Yakima HoldUp now. The photo below is the Kuat NV 2

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