Track Your Bicycle Rides with CycleMeter for the IPhone

Do you have an IPhone? I know what you are thinking; yes I do but I already have a bicycle computer to track my rides, right? Well, I have a Garmin Edge 500 too, but I tried a new app from the AppStore called CycleMeter and i was very impressed with it’s features. I won’t go into all the features right now because I haven’t had time to discover them all yet, but the one feature that I have tried and I love is the email updates feature. So you plug in your wife’s or other persons email address into Cyclemeter, and it shoots them an email every 5 minutes indicating your location on Google maps. If your significant other is a connected consumer she will know every 5 minutes if you are OK, out on the road. If she fails to get an email update, she can simply call you to make sure you are OK, or if no answer she knows what your last reported  location was so she can help if needed. This one feature is unbelievably useful and makes me feel a lot more comfortable when I am out on a long road ride by myself. Just imagine you are 50 miles out on your long Saturday road ride, you have already had a flat and used your last CO2, but you are continuing your ride in hopes that you wont flat again, when all of a sudden the back tire feels soft again. This is the point where I usually call it a day and call for an extraction from my wife, and I usually spend about 10 minutes trying to explain to her where I am. With Cyclemeter, I don’t have to give directions, she just opens the last email and heads in that direction.

She also knows about when I will be back home so she can plan lunch. This feature was so nice the other day when I was coming in from my 65 mile road in 98 degree temps and i see the garage door is already opened and big glass of ice water was waiting for me. There are many more features to this product that costs about $5, amazing product, amazing price, great peace of mind while out on the road, and yes it is IOS4 compatible and yes it keeps running even if you get a phone call. So, in times like these, instead of spending big bucks on some new bike parts to impress your riding buddies, impress your wife and spend $5 on a bike accessory that she can appreciate and enjoy. This will get you extra points with the wife, so that you can that new carbon wheelset next month.

You can more information on CycleMeter here

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