Flat Rock Ranch – Mountain Bike Ride

I was tired of being on a road bike, so yesterday I decided it was time to go for a mountain bike ride. One of my favorite trails in this area is Flat Rock Ranch in Comfort Texas. Just north of San Antonio, Comfort is right in the middle of the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Flat Rock Ranch is a gem with over 25 miles of single track on 1100 acres of land. The trails were built by local mountain bikers, including me, and the land owner Jimmy Dreiss who also rides.

There are some great views from the tops of the hills at about 1900 feet, none of which I got a picture of because I was having too much fun. I invited a roadie friend of mine, Steve (Sanford), go along with us, and he although he was having a hard time keeping up, I think he enjoyed the ride. Steve had to stop and rest a few times as he is not used to different fitness level of mountain biking.

We met Denny, a long time mountain biking friend of mine, at the ranch. Denny missed shifted on one of the climbs and broke his chain. We had to call Jimmy to get us a chain tool, as none of us carry any tools to fix anything.

Me and Steve had to cut our ride short as it took Steve almost 2 hours to do the lower loop, about 16 miles, and it was starting to get hot. All in all, a great ride and a much needed break from the road bike.

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