Bicycle Lights Season Nears

I went out for a mountain bike ride last night after we finished up all the packing and shipping, usually around 6pm central. We started out on our regular loop and gradually picked up the pace as we went along. Our pace is brisk, usually about 13mph average and requires confidence in your front tire as we swoop through the turns at speed. One of the fellows had a slow leak and started to fall off the pace as his steering got un-stable. We stopped to assist with moral support as he quickly shot some Geax Pit Stop into the tire. We weren’t stopped more than a minute or two and then we were on our way.

My point in all this is that we did our normal loop at our normal pace, except for the minor stop for a tire fix. By the time we finished up it was noticeably darker than normal, and my thoughts turned to bicycle lights.

I try out a lot of different bike parts and accessories and the bicycle light system that I keep using the most is the Cygolite Trion 600. It is a bar mounted 600 lumen LED light system that is all one piece. The battery and the LED light are housed in a compact housing that is amazingly simple to mount and has no pesky wires to get caught in branches and such. This light is reliable and lasts a solid 2 or 3 hours on the highest setting and up to an amazing 12 hours on low. It has a fuel meter on the top so you can easily see if you start to run low. This is all the light I usually need  as the 600 lumens turn night into day. The only exception is if I am doing very tight twisty trail at a high pace then I also run a small Cygolite Million 200 on my helmet to see around turns, or I just tuck in behind someone else running a helmet light so I can see around corners using their light.

I am on my 3rd season with this light system and it is by far my favorite.

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