Ben Lomond Peak – MTB Ride To The Top


So, before I made my return trip back to Texas and to the 100+ degree heat everyday, I wanted to ride to the top of Ben Lomond Peak just north of Ogden Utah to experience what it would feel like to sit in a snow bank in the middle of August. I started out at the trailhead at the top of the North Ogden Divide. The top of Ben Lomond is at 9700 feet and the trailhead to the Skyline trail is at about 6000 feet. So I figured this would be a good hard ride. I drove up to the trailhead which is at the very top of the North Ogden Divide and started out with a little food in my pocket and a small camel bak and a water bottle. The climb starts out with a series of 10 switchbacks which are very steep, mostly 15 to 20% grades. Occasionally the trail opens up to these long ramp sections like you see below which have great views in all directions.

ben lomond peak

I passed a few hikers on the way up, and one motocross bike was coming down, that was a surprise. I don’t ride many trails where motorcycles are sharing the trail.  The was long and took me several hours to reach the top. The very top section was heavily eroded from the heavy snow and runoff and was unridable, so it was mostly hike-a-bike to the top. Once I reached the top I was pretty pooped. I took out my water bottle and stuffed into the snow and sat down to rest.

ben lomond peak

I think I dozed off for a while because when I got up, I went for my water bottle and the water was ice cold. That made for a sweet ride down hill. I think it took me almost an hour to ride all the way down. It was great ride and very tough. Now I was ready for Texas.



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