2012 Scott Spark 29er – First Ride

I was out in Utah at Dealer Camp a few weeks ago and I was really excited to ride the all new 2012 Scott Spark 29er. As you may or may not know, Scott has been a late adopter of the 29er concept. Because Scott has been mostly a European bicycle company for the last 5 to 10 years, they have not seen the 29er growth as dramatic as we have here in the states. So anyway we have been waiting for Scott to really jump on the 29er bandwagon because when Scott builds a bike, it is done right. I have been racing a Scott Spark since they first came out 4 or 5 years and been extremely happy with everything about the bike. I currently race a Scott Spark LTD that is still going strong every weekend.

Anyway I was extremely excited to get my hands on the Scott Spark 29er. I took it for a ride at Park City and was blown away. The bike rides very light and nimble just like my 26er, but the big wheels give the bike a stability feel, that the 26er doesn’t have. It climbed very well. Even tight uphill switchbacks were easy. Uphill ledges i noticed a very big difference over the 26er, the 29er just rolled up ledges so easily. The weight difference is minimal. The posted weight on the new Spark RC 29er is 22.9 lbs right out of the box. I looked at the build and I know that with a few select bike parts replaced this bike could easily be in the 21 lb range. Its mostly an XX build with a SID 29 RLT3 fork and DT Swiss XR-RS29 Wheelset. The bike had all the things I like about the 26er Spark, and more when you add to the 29er wheels.

P.S. Nice Scott Spark LTD Large 26er for sale; only ridden on Sundays
IMG 0081

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