Mountain Biking In Utah, North Ogden

Just a few quick thoughts this morning. Does this picture excite you? Take a few moments to just look at and get pulled into this picture.IMG 0003 I took this picture while riding near Ogden recently. I just looked at it again this morning and realized that I really like this picture. Something about this picture really excites me, does it do the same for you? Maybe its just the nice view of the mountains, although there are better views around. Maybe its the refreshing view of snow, if you live in Texas or anywhere else in the south where we are experiencing record heat and drought this year, just the view of moisture and cool mountain air may be exciting. Maybe its just the wide opens spaces that does it for you, I don’t know. But as I look at this picture I know what excites me about it, and draws me in like I was there again to experience it all over again. What is it for you?

Thats all, now go ride your bike…

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