Scott Spark RC 29er – Build Project

So the weight weenies here at Sage Cycles and BPX  as the premier Scott Bike Dealer in San Antonio, are stoked about the super legit New 2012 Scott Spark RC 29er HMX Carbon bike announced at least weeks Interbike. We ordered a bunch of them, I personally ordered a frame to build up as I like. So, I am starting to do research into the best bicycle parts for a lightweight build to match to this awesome frame. I am starting with the wheels. Some of the interesting ones on the market today are the Easton EC90 XC Wheelset and the ENVE 29 XC Wheelset. Clincher or tubular? What comments do you have on carbon 29er wheelsets? What works?

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6 Responses to Scott Spark RC 29er – Build Project

  1. Laminated says:

    Wheels – On my build I’m going with Am Classic 29 MTB Race or MTB 29. I think these wide rims results in making the bike faster than the lower weight of carbon rim. Plus, I’m not ready for carbon rims for my everyday ride. I’d rather spend the money on exotic cranks and brakes.

    How much is a 2012 Spark frame? Can you ship to Austria?

  2. Josh de Boisblanc says:

    Hi Rick,
    I’ll chime in with my two cents. I’ve been beating the snot out of my Reynolds Topo C carbon 29er rims for several hard seasons of racing. Last year I did over 50 offroad races and this year I’m about at the same mark and I’ve also done all of my training rides on these rims. They are from 2007 and at the time were the first 29er carbon mtb rims in production! I ride mainly in Austin over loads of rocks, ledges, drops and nasty climbs, as well as most of the tamer stuff that comprises the TMBRA circuits. The things are tough as nails, and I’m sure the newer stuff is even stronger (and lighter). After seeing what the world cup downhillers have gotten away with on the Enve hoops, If I could afford it I would jump on a set of those in a second. The DT Swiss 240s hubs on my Reynolds have been bomb proof and are very light with low drag, so I’d opt for a set of those to go with the Enves.


    • Rick Morris says:

      Good to know, Josh! I also ride and race the same trails, Flat Rock Ranch, Government Canyon, etc. I remember when the Topo C’s came out. Everyone was scared of them, but look at us now, we are all riding carbon mountain bikes and they are tougher than everything else. There is no question I am going to do the carbon wheels. Isn’t there a lighter hub than the 240’s. Yes, the Enve’s are looking pretty sweet, especially at 1350 grams.

  3. Josh de Boisblanc says:

    No problem! You could always use the DT Swiss 190s if you’re feeling super bling. If you are looking for something even more exotic (and lighter, though durability is an unknown), check out the AX Lightness, Extralite and Tune hub offerings. Personally I’d stick to DT, or another known quantity if you plan to ride the thing, servicing them is super easy and they are still extremely light weight.

  4. Alex says:

    Hi Rick,
    Do you know the weight of the original DT Swiss XR-RS29 wheelset? I’ve also ordered a 29 RC and looking for tuning potential.


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