Eating Right To Stay Lean – Bicycle Life

So, I am a pretty strict Paleo proponent. I don’t like the word diet, as it usually conjures a negative emotion of food deprivation. So, I like to describe my eating habits as just a lifestyle, not a diet. Paleo is the eating lifestyle that seems to fit me best. Paleo, short for paleolithic, is very easy to follow. Eating Paleo style is eating 3 main things; Meat, Fruit and Vegetables, thats it. Pretty simple. It seems to work very well for my cycling and racing lifestyle. It is not low carb, but the carbs that it does provide are very nutrient dense and useful to the body. As a cyclist, we all know that we need carbs to perform at our best. Paleo provides carbs from fruits and vegetables. I have been eating Paleo style for a year or so now, and one thing the has always been a problem is getting enough fruit and vegetables each day to satisfy my bodies needs. If I always eat at home it is not an issue, but when not able to eat at home it is an issue as most restaurants don’t provide many fruit and vegetable options, or if they do the portions are too small to provide enough nutrition. The portions of starchy foods is always huge, like bread, rice and potatoes, but fruits and vegetables are usual minimal if at all. So, I recently started doing some research into meal replacements called “superfoods”. I wanted to find something that I could eat or drink to replace a meal and that was portable and didn’t require refrigeration, so that if I find myself in some location where I couldn’t get decent meal, I could just make my own on the fly. I wanted it to have carbs and protein but without dairy and without gluten and I wanted it to be in the most raw form as possible so that the nutrients are better absorbed. What I found was a product from Garden of Life, called Raw Meal. It has all the good stuff that i was looking for and none of the bad stuff.

It fills me up when I am hungry and keeps me from overeating and from eating the wrong thing. I have been using it for a couple of months now and i have seen a dramatic weight loss and an good increase in my energy levels. I don’t own any stock in the product and I am in no way connected to the company, but I would highly suggest it if you interested in controlling the amount and type of calories that you are consuming.

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