So many trails to explore, where do I start – mountain biking Utah

So the weather is starting to turn really nice here in Utah valley. We haven’t had a snow storm in about 10 days. There is still a lot of snow up on the mountains but a lot of the lower trails are snow free and ready to go. The locals say this has been a very mild winter and that the trails are opening up sooner than normal. I like that. So i haven’t done a lot of exploring yet but that is fixing to change. I have been conversing with folks on the local Utah mountain bike forum at and have ridden with a few. this forum is a great resource for anyone planning to do any riding in Utah. the trail descriptions are right on, and the forum is full of very helpful folks.

Today is a bright sunny day


I live in Provo Canyon canyon so the options are many.

So i am sitting here contemplating where to ride. It is a little too early in the season for any organized Saturday morning group rides to have formed, or maybe I just don’t know about them yet. A fellow named Kanyon Kris on the UMB forum who apparently lives in the area was nice enough to send me an awesome map of the area trails that can be viewed from Google Earth. check it out Provo Canyon Trails

The other day i did get out to do a little exploring around the bottom of the canyon and found the Great Western Trail and the place the locals call “The Alter”


The Great Western Trail which runs just south of where I am is part of the network of trails that run from Canada to Mexico. Info on the trail system is here

Has anyone here ridden the Great Western Trail?

Well the coffee is starting run out so I think I will do a little exploring.

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  1. Rayanny says:

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