Finally! My Favorite Bicycle Saddle Is In Stock – Prologo

I have been riding and racing bicycles since the mid 90’s. One of first lessons I learned was those padded shorts really do work. I think the second lesson I learned was to not skimp on your saddle. Bicycle saddles are a very personal item and what works for one may not work for another, but I learned that saving a few dollars on a cheaper saddle that looked the same as a higher priced model always resulted in disappointment. So in my journey to find the perfect saddle I started out on Selle Italia’s. They are very nice saddles, however I went through several different models over the years and found that none of them really worked that well for me. I tried a few no name brands in between and then moved on to Fizik. Fizik is an awesome saddle, however over the years that I used them i learned that the padding seemed to deteriorate sooner than i would have liked for a saddle that cost that much. Also another issue I had with Fizik is that for the price, the saddle was a little heavier than I liked. Then I found Prologo.

I always test out new saddles on my road bike first, then if it works there I know it will work on the mountain bike. That is because on a road bike you are seated for much longer periods of time and so the comfort of a saddle is really very apparent very soon. Anyway, I went for the Prologo Scratch Nack. It is a full carbon saddle with nice padding and it only weighs 150 grams. Yes it is expensive at $399 but when you are in the saddle as much as I am, I rationalized it by saving a few tanks of gas by riding my bike instead of driving. I used this saddle at the last Hotter Than Hell Hundred that I did which is a hundred mile race in 100+ temperatures in Texas. I did the race in about 4 hours 20 minutes. The saddle was extremely comfortable and I didn’t need to stop once during the race to let my butt rest. I have been using Prologo saddles on my road bike and mountain bikes for the last few years and been extremely pleased with their performance. And there are other models that work just as well that are not as expensive. Anyway, we are now carrying Prologo saddles and i don’t have go elsewhere to get them. Yay!!

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