I’m Beginning To Enjoy…Certain Bicycle Parts That I Haven’t Used In A While

I am beginning to enjoy my re-acquaintance with my little ring. Of all the bike parts  on my ride, it used to be that the little ring was the bike part that got used the least. I just carried it around on the bike just in case one day I needed it to get up a steep. Living in Texas, even the Texas Hill Country, I found that the little didnt get used much. I have been on a 2 x 9 drivetrain for a long time and biggest ring up front is a 38. So with a 34 on the back, i found very few occasions that i needed to drop down from the big ring. Since our shop is located close the trails at McAlister Park, that is where i would ride most of the time. Most that have ridden Mac as it is known to the locals, know that it is very fast and very flat, so the big ring was the only ring that got used there. The race venues did hit some trails that required a few more gears, but only in a very few select spots. So there it is. My little ring. Almost new still. I never liked the way the chain sounded when it was in the middle ring. It would slap the chainstay on the downhills and make too much noise. So i would leave it in the big ring almost all the time. I was thinking of just going 1×10. But then I moved to Utah.

I am enjoying getting reacquainted with my little ring. I like having that option when faced with the decision right at the trailhead. Most good trails over here start out with a climb. At first i wasn’t thrilled about this, and would seek out trails that didnt go straight up from the trailhead. I would go out of my way get to a trail that didn’t go straight up. However, lately i am finding myself actually enjoying starting out on a climb. I like the fact that you get warmed up pretty quickly if you start out on a climb. I like the fact that i have a little ring that i can just spin an easy gear for the first 15 minutes or so while i climb up to the main trail. I am liking that an average ride around here is 1500 to 2000 feet of climbing. I am liking that i feel like i got a really good workout on even a shorter ride in time duration. I am really liking my little ring. I think i am going buy me a new little ring to celebrate my re-acquaintance. read more

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