Cycling Fitness – Losing Those Last Few Pounds – Part 1


If your like me, and you probably are because you are reading a cycling blog, then your in pretty good shape. You have been riding a while and you have probably lost some weight. You probably haven’t lost all the weight you wanted to lose, but you have lost some and you feel pretty good about it. And you should. Over the years i have tried many different ways to keep my weight in check and cycling has by far been the best and the easiest method to stick with. When you first start cycling you begin putting a big workload on your body that it is not used to, and consequently you begin to lose weight and get excited about it, and press on with more riding. This works great as a motivator and the weight continues to come off. However, as your fitness level goes up and your body weight goes down, you will eventually start to plateau. Your body wont be working as hard as it used to, even though you are putting in the miles in the saddle. You increase the number of miles and time in the saddle, and that will work for a while, but there are only so many hours a day that you can devote to riding that eventually you plateau again. Your workload is just not great enough to shed those last few pounds that you really ant gone. Sound familiar? Yup, you may even start to gain some weight back even though you are riding a lot. Physical exercise will only get you so far in your journey to lose weight. The other component is diet. Yes its that dreaded word, diet.
I hate that word. I actually prefer the term eating method, over diet. Diet has a negative connotation to it that usually brings up thoughts of starvation, so i try to stay away from that word and just use eating method. So, if you have been paying attention, you can probably see where we are going with this; after cycling there is your eating methods to deal with.

When i first started cycling, i lost about 20 pounds pretty easily. I started out in the high 190’s and went down to the high 170’s. But after riding for nearly 15 years, the pounds were starting to creep back up little by little and before i knew it i was back in the mid 180’s even though i was putting in the miles. Nothing seemed to work. As cyclists, we think we can eat whatever we want and stay trim, and to some extent that is true, when you compare our metabolism to mast folks, but there comes a time when our fitness is so good that our physical exertion from riding is not as great as it used to be, and we begin to plateau or pack on the pounds again.

In the next post on this topic i will get into what i did to get those last few pounds off, and it wasn’t that hard. I will show you a few tools that make it a lot easier. I am now where i want to be, in the low 170’s and i think you can probably be where you want to be too.

Cycling Nutrition

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