Cycling Fitness – Losing Those Last Few Pounds – Part 3

Ok, so here we are at part 3 of how to lose those last few pounds. In part 1 we talked about how as cyclists we think we can eat everything we want and still lose weight, and as we get more fit we start to plateau in our weight loss. In part 2 we introduced the eating method of paleo as a method to get our eating habits corrected by eating food that our body knows what to do with and it can actually use to nourish us through our rides.


There are many great websites out there about paleo foods. Find one that you like and start eating live a caveman. You will be surprised how well you feel all day, without the roller coaster effect of the carbs spiking your blood sugar and crashing you down an hour later. When you first start introducing your body to paleo, start out slow as your body will fight back and want you to give it processed sugar and salty foods. Start by just replacing one meal per day with a paleo meal. Usually breakfast is the easiest meal to be very consistent with. Eat meat and fruit. Like eggs and a banana, apple etc. No dairy or grains. Do this for a week or so, then add lunch. Meat with a salad and veggies, and fruit. Then finally add dinner.

You will have low energy for about two or three weeks as your body fights back from the overloads of processed sugar and salt that it is used to. By week three or four you will start having amazing energy as your body starts to realize you are not going to give in and your blood sugar stays stable throughout the day. I used the paleo eating method to get my body weight down to where i wanted it to be. For the first six months i stayed like 99 % paleo, with an occasional stray into the non-paleo when i couldn’t find that right food or i needed to eat something just to be social-able. But other than that i stayed the course during the weight loss period. Once i reached my desired weight i went into the maintenance period and stayed about 90% paleo to accommodate eating with other family members and friends.This overall strategy worked very well for me and it wasn’t very hard to do and i didn’t feel hungry as i was doing it.

So, once you are eating the right foods you will see the pounds start to drop as you continue your cycling miles. In the next part i will talk about some of the tools that i used to drop the pounds, and some of the foods that i use to maintain my desired weight.

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