Cycling Fitness – Losing Those Last Few Pounds – Part 4

So here we are, mid January. The holidays are behind us and the race season is 30 to 60 days in front of us for most. Now is the time to start to make that final push to your desired racing weight or if you don’t race, just your desired weight for riding. I usually don’t try to stay on any structured eating plan during the holidays because it usually just leads to frustration and guilt, so i don’t even try. However, as we get into January, all of that crazy binge eating is behind us and it is a time where you have much more control over what goes into your mouth. Lightweight bicycle parts can only do so much, you are going to have to help by dropping some poundage.


Being able to control what you eat is a big factor in dropping those last few pounds. I am a firm believer in the “you cant manage what you cant measure” way of thinking. So, in order to manage your weight you need a way of measuring what goes in your mouth. There are thousands of crazy weight loss plans out there that claim all types of miracle foods or magic pills will make you lose weight, but weight loss is really pretty simple. It really just comes down to that dreaded word, calorie. Yes there are factors like the glycemic index of food and the actual nutritional value of stuff and what your body does with the food. Those are all factors in the food cycle but the bottom line of weight loss is calories in versus calories out. Yes it is the dreaded calorie. That word that no one wants to talk about. No one wants to measure them. No one wants to count them. They are the truth of all food. Calories are nothing more than a measure of heat units that a particular food generates when consumed. When calories are stored by the body to create heat units in the future there are about 3500 calories that equal one pound of body weight. This is pretty common knowledge. So, in order to induce weight loss there is only one sure fire way to do it, and that is to create a calories deficit on a regular basis. Wait! Don’t leave! I know no one like to count calories. I used to hate to count calories, i still do. But the truth is, if you can handle the truth, until you measure you will not be able to manage.

Look, i hate counting calories as much as the next guy. You are not unique in this. But if you are serious about losing those last few pounds, you are going to have to face the truth some day, and it might as well be today. The good news is that there are some very good tools out there nowadays that make calorie counting breeze. I tried a lot of them but the one i found that works the best is:

Let me state right up front. I am in no way associated with i do not receive any commissions or compensation of any kind from them. I just think they have a great little app and it is free and it makes counting calories at lot less painful than it used to be. the app lets you set up a profile with your current weight and your desired weight and it figures out how many calories you need per day as a base rate, and keeps track of everything you eat to calculate the surplus or deficit at the end of the day. It has a built in food database that is simply amazing and if you use the smartphone app, you can just scan the barcode on many foods and it will automatically add the food to your daily log. The app also includes a database of exercises that you use to plug in your ride or run for the day. Calorie counting couldn’t be easier. I use this app everyday during my weight loss periods and find that it really encourages me to stay on target. Try it out, and tell me what you think.

In the next part i will share with you some of the foods that i use to control the amount of calories that i take in per day. And i will share with you some of the methods that i use to determine how many calories i am going to consume that day. Now go burn some calories and let know how its going.

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